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Generation Salt©

Our Mission

Generation Salt has been called to infiltrate this world and change the thought process of mainstream society through the teaching and application of basic Biblical principles, according to Matthew 5:13 - 16. Salt has a job that most don't want because unlike light, salt has to dissolve into a compound in order to be effective, salt must give of itself. You don't always see the salt in a dish, but the taste of the dish let's you know that salt has been added.

Our Vision

The vision of Generation Salt is based on John 17:17. "Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth." The word sanctify is defined as being set apart as or declared holy; to concentrate.

As the Salt, we die to ourselves daily and many times are misunderstood because it would appear that we have blended in with the world in outer appearance, but as salt we are hidden and produce a different flavor in whatever we are placed in.

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